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Objectives of the workshop

To conduct a Regional training on the use of GIS and Remote Sensing Technology for forest monitoring and management. To introduce the GIS tools that can be used in forest management and monitoring which has become more complex because of the fact that there are many multiple objectives to fulfil as well as multiple and demanding criteria and constraint to address. This makes the spatial technologies well suited for applications to cope with forest management and monitoring issues. The GIS technology is a very valuable tool not only in decision-making but also in forest planning and forest management.


Two staff from the National Forest Authorities, one staff from the National Wildlife Authorities and another staff from a forest related stakeholder (Target Participants 20)


9th to 13th May 2022


RCMRD, Nairobi Kenya

Learning outcomes

After completion of the course the students will be familiar with GIS applications in Forestry and they will be able to:

  • Obtain and Integrate data from disparate sources to a GIS System
  • Learn the principles of GIS and Remote Sensing and its application in forestry
  • Learn how to collect data using mobile phones and GPS in the forestry context
  • Learn satellite digital image processing techniques in forest resource management
  • Learn how to map forest inventory
  • Learn how to handle emergency in the forest context
  • Learn how communities can be involved in forest resource management
  • Display data in 3D Apply GIS to solve simple practical problems forestry
  • Learn forest planning and management skill using remote sensing and GIS
  • Hotspot mapping

Language:  English

Format: PowerPoint presentation, Pdf documents, shapefiles & image files.


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